About Baby Blastoff!


At Baby Blastoff! we believe that the clothing we choose for our children reflects what we believe about them, who they are, and what they will become. Baby Blastoff! strives to provide an alternative to the pervasive, gendered messaging appearing throughout children’s fashion, both subtle and not-so-subtle, suggesting narrow limits to what our youngest children should act like, care about and become.

At Baby Blastoff! we want to transcend stereotypical messages that limit boys to superheroes, trucks and tough-guy attitudes and that limit girls to princesses, butterflies and cuteness. We want our clothing to support children in exploring their interests, whatever they may be. We want rich, vibrant colors to be for girls and boys interchangeably, not limiting each gender to a pink or blue realm. We believe that by supporting these ideas, you are supporting a kinder future for your children. You are teaching them that there are “a universe of possibilities” to explore!


Baby Blastoff! was founded in 2012. The owner, looking for a wider variety of color, theme and style for her son’s wardrobe, set about creating the line she wanted to see.

“Throughout my life, I have worked to support children’s development by providing rich experiences and opportunities. I believe that how we treat babies has a profound impact on their lives. I want Baby Blastoff! to help children blast off into a life that is truly their own,” she explains. All of the artwork and designs are the owner’s original creations.

Owner Emily with her daughter.

Owner Emily with her daughter.


Since 2012 Baby Blastoff! has come a long way! An entire line of unisex and counter-stereotype clothing is now manufactured and screen printed locally in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Recently Bennett ran a successful Kickstarter campaign in order to bring Baby Blastoff! to a major apparel trade show in New York City.