What’s up with the toaster?

Posted by babyblastoff on Oct 9, 2017

Artist Q and A


People often ask about the artwork I create for Baby Blastoff!

Well, my wonderfully curious friends, here are answers to a few of those questions. If you have other thoughts or questions, I’d love to know!

wonder quoteQ: You often make desings of every day kinds of things. Why is that?

A: Something I love about young children is how they find magic in the every day world. On a walk in the woods, they might find a snail shell or a colorful rock. That object can become the most precious treasure. A rainbow, a cookie, a balloon– these inspire a kind of intense excitement and delight that we, jaded adults, forget to appreciate.

I want to create drawings that reflect that child-like wonder, and remind all of us of our unabashedly curious inner child.




T-Rex on Pink smallQ: Why do you put dinosaurs on pink and purple?

A: In my mind, all animals, plants, prehistoric creatures, areas of interest, and styles are for everyone. Boys and girls. I want to celebrate children as they are and encourage them to explore a wide range of interests, whether or not that fits into the stereotype box. To that end, I print dinosaurs on pink and draw toasters with stars on them. It’s meant to be a surprise, and a reminder that boys and girls love an enormous variety of things in this world.

I also do a lot of thinking about what kinds of desings are truly gender neutral. Gender neutral and compelling. This is where the salt and pepper shakers come in. The apple core and the banana peel. These pictures start a story that doesn’t start with gender.





Q: Why don’t your shirts have words on them?

A: I have gone back and forth with this. My designs all have names that make use of puns or word play, so people often say that I should print them on the shirts. Like “Bunz ‘n Roses” or “Darling, You Look Radishing.” I have moments when I am tempted, but it just doesn’t seem right. See, instead of telling children who they are or what they should be, I want my clothing to give kids the space to say “This is who I am.”

I don’t want to put the words in their mouths and certainly not into your mouths, as caregivers. I want my artwork to start an open ended story that you and your child can tell together.


Q: Which design is your all-time favorite?

A: I love the snail because it’s just so me: whimsical and quirky.


Q: Which designs are your customers favorites?

A: My all-time best-seller is the Buddha, but recently the Cutest Cactus has given Buddha a run for his money. The bunny, the radish, and the elephants are all close contenders. Also recently the noodles. I too love the noodles!

cactus funny face small






Thanks everyone!

Want to see them? Check out all of my designs here.

Those Big Ol’ Noggins

Posted by babyblastoff on Sep 8, 2017

Tees Made Especially For Toddlers


blog shirt hold pic 2



boatneck example 1If you’ve ever dressed a toddler, you’ve likely seen the above situation. At our house, getting totally stuck in a t-shirt is a regular occurance.  I had this problem in mind when designing the tees we launched this fall.

Baby bodysuits solve the Big Head Problem by using the lap-shoulder design, but as babies become toddlers and want to be Big Kids, they need something a little differrent.   I wanted to create an elegant neckline that would still allow extra clearance for those big toddler heads.

The boatneck style sits right on the collar bone for a stylish and comfortable fit. The neckline also enhances kids’ ability to be independent little people, as they naturally want to do everything themselves. All. the. time. Am I right?


May with bear on logOur new t-shirts use the same premium quality bamboo/cotton fabric that is oh-so-soft and comfortable. We want kids to be able to do everything they love in our tees, from climbing, to jumping, to rolling in the grass.  This tee makes a cozy warm layer in the winter under a jacket or sweater but is light enough to be worn into the spring for sun protection. With this versatile and durable fabric, our tees say, “Kid, you can do it!”



IMG_2025I love surpises, so I added a little surprise in each shirt for you and your child to find. It’s a tag with one of ten awesome kid-empowering messages on it. You can share that message with your childen and tell them how much you love them!




With artwork front and back, the tees begin a story about the adventures children can have outside in that crisp autumn air.  Maybe they’ll see a bear (at a distance!) or a bird fluffed up on a branch, find the treasure of a pine cone, or enjoy the gorgeous sight of aspen trees quaking in the breeze. The artwork tells a story of a spirited childhood full of curiosity and wonder that you can share with your child!


photo for website


Check out our toddler friendly tees today!

It’s a baby!

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Its a baby